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Chantelle Marie Dimech
What music do you listen to?
I like to listen to music with a genre of dance and RnB.
Do you like to read? If so...favourite book(s)?
Yes, I like to read. My favourites and Tales of Redwall, The Inkheart trilogy, Artemis Fowl, The Secret and Goosebumps.
On a scale of 1-5 how organised are you?
I think 3.
Do you exercise regularly? If so, how often?
Not exercise. I'm always active and on the move and I like it that way. I run around the house with my nephew Gabriel and go for short walks.
Have any nick names? If so, what?
CMD (my initials), Chan, Channy, Channy bunny and messmate (my best friend Janet).
Do you like to dance?
I don't dance on stage but yes I do like to dance.
Favourite food?
Mexican food especially tortillas.
Are you usually late, early or right on time?
Early definitely. I'm never late unless something really big came up.
As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A doctor. Then I realised that is was too much of a gruesome job for me. Now I want to be a geography teacher or perhaps a forensic with geography and chemistry as its base.
What would you do if you were invisible?
Tease people and haunt them. Hahahaha! Oh and steal all their money. Hehehehe!
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